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PAM is contracted to develop private brands and labels in the cosmetics sector. We position products to appeal to the specific target group. Ongoing innovations, a fair pricing policy and the fact we are willing to forgo having our own brand are what makes us competitive. In more than 15 countries worldwide.



Brands and labels tailor-made by PAM are not just something we talk about. They are a reality. And they keep their promises. We make sure that the quality, price and style are right.

We are “cosmoholics”. And therefore a target group ourselves. We position brands successfully and specifically. Due to our experience and our extensive know-how, we have an excellent instinct and a realistic perception of our customers’ needs.

Only then can we accurately position the products and brands of our customers on the market. And we make sure this happens. Just ask our customers. The list includes leading retail chains, drugstores and designers, who all make us a respected partner.



Clear conversations, concise memos, open doors. And, above all, short decision-making processes – that is what PAM is all about.

We consistently fulfil the wishes of consumers and customers. Due to our flexibility we are able to take notice of suggestions and trends faster than larger companies and also to create products of a high quality. That not only makes us competitive, but also a respected partner in the cosmetics industry.

After all, there is nowhere else where it is so important to have your finger on the pulse and recognise trends than in the fashion and cosmetics industry.



Private labels and our own brand? No. PAM does not play hide and seek; instead we lay all our cards on the table. Pursuing a dual strategy is not our thing.

We focus on the private, in-house labels of our customers. They are booming and offer huge potential. Because they fulfil the demands of customers and target groups. Our customers are well aware of that. And so are we.

We decided against developing our own brand and are therefore able to quickly and exclusively turn trends and innovations into a reality. It also means we are not competing with our customers.



Innovations are ideas in motion. We invent and innovate. We keep surprises in store. That’s something we enjoy. And to be honest: our customers do too.

At PAM we are bottlers of products, but we do not develop our own formulas. For this reason we enjoy the total confidence of leading European texture developers and can thereby constantly offer our customers new and further developments in line with the latest trends.

We also surprise our customers with our commitment, our ideas and our unique approaches. Not simply when it seems like the right thing to do, but in the next telephone call. In the next quotation. In the next presentation. In the next packaging design. At the next suitable opportunity.

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